Fantastical creatures, part 1 – The giants


As an artist, I met many fantastical creatures inside my artworks. It happens.

I want to talk about these beings. I hope you will enjoy it.

To start, I will tell you about the giants. What can we say about them? Giants are seekers. Most of the testimonies talks about lonesome travelers, usually not interested in people – but intrigued by their buildings.

The giants, we don’t know exactly where they hail from. According to some, they are descended from the Titans. Others say – and this guess is more beautiful – that they were born in groups or units, like suckers of an unclassified kind of plants. They were therefore born as vegetables, before differentiating as anthropomorphic animal individuals.

At the end of their life, according to the same sources, giants became stones, so to follow,  during their lifecycle, a palingenesis of the three Linnaean kingdoms.

There’s nothing I can say more specific. Images would be more clarifying.