Every work of art is a work of street art


Here are some more artworks I did during the last months. I think the subject is something like “human doubts in a sea of oddity”. I spreaded these images around the web and exhibited them in public rooms that let me do it.

Doing this, as a full time artist, it happen to me to think that art is today just another source of images in a world that produces and uses thousands of images every day. There is a great demand of images, yes. But the value of a single image rarely is more than some cents – and rarely these few cents go to the author of the image.

So we – we artists and image-makers – walk around with wide opened eyes, taking everything our eyes meet and leaving some new image on the road. And sometime selling them, of course.

At the end, I could say that nowadays every work of art is a work of street art.

So, this is the point. I say it again: nowadays, every work of art is a work of street art.

Is it true? If you think at the world as a web of streets – real, virtual and metaphorical streets – I could say that yes, we live in the Street Art Era. We add artworks to the bunch of images rolling trough the world for a little fee, or for free.

Of course there is still the Market of art, and it doesn’t even want to listen about cheap artworks or artworks left along the streets. But so many artworks go around meeting many eyes and no buyers: they do have a weight. Perhaps this weight, this undefined worth is the way art is playing its role today.