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Every work of art is a work of street art

febbraio 19th, 2017, Nessun commento

  Here are some more artworks I did during the last months. I think the subject is something like “human doubts in a sea of oddity”. I spreaded these images around the web and exhibited them in public rooms that let me do it. Doing this, as a full time artist, it happen to me […]

Examples for my students

febbraio 19th, 2017, Nessun commento

Some drawings I did for my class of Drawing/Painting.

The Astrophiles series – Raise your eyes to the unknown

febbraio 19th, 2017, Nessun commento

I did this group of sculptures and paintings about 20 years ago. Men looking at the sky and reading books. Hunger for knowledge. Desire of seeing beyond. It’s just this. 🙂

A painting, an artist, a philosopher: The “Angelus novus” and its legacy

febbraio 19th, 2017, Nessun commento

The great swiss artist Paul Klee made one of his most famous artwork, the “Angelus Novus“, in 1920, using the oil transfer method he invented  (a kind of monoprint). This amazing image owes part of its importance and fame to the words of german philosopher Walter Benjamin, who bought the monoprint and kept it until […]

Fantastical creatures, part 1 – The giants

febbraio 19th, 2017, Nessun commento

  As an artist, I met many fantastical creatures inside my artworks. It happens. I want to talk about these beings. I hope you will enjoy it. To start, I will tell you about the giants. What can we say about them? Giants are seekers. Most of the testimonies talks about lonesome travelers, usually not […]

Little Street Art I did last year – and now it’s gone

febbraio 19th, 2017, Nessun commento

Street Art and its official sanction are the biggest innovations in Art History of the last 30 years. Ok, and Digital Art too. Street Art has been assimilated by the art market and now street artists are not anonymous outlaws anymore. They are stars and their artworks are valued hundreds of thousands of $. But […]

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